Context Engine

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PhD Researcher @ Cambridge | Public relations & social campaigns | Civic tech

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Currently working on an idea for something I’m calling a context engine although my guess something like this already exists. This is driven by my observation of a common feature of virtual sandbox MMO worlds driven by user crafting and creations. This feature is ‘out-of-context’ user creation that break immersion especially with RP worlds. E.g. someone building a Death Star next to Rivendell or creating a town in a style that clashes entirely with the normative boundaries or expectations of the virtual world (e.g. adding futuristic design to a medieval style). This applies to user created stories, missions, NPCs all of which could be built into future MMO sandbox worlds.

Essentially a context engine would be a filter that bounds users creations based on various criteria. The result is a more meaningful and consistent virtual world that doesn’t break immersion. This already exists for user names (stopping people in LOTRO calling themselves Bilbo or Luke Skywalker) but as the tech to increase the possibility of user created world’s grows (thanks to you!) then context engines could become a useful tool for those who want to build consistent and meaningful themed virtual worlds.

Applicable industries

Social networking sites
Multiplayer gaming, virtual worlds
Facebook Messenger and other chatbots
Government and civil society
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Skype: richard.dent

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