PhD Researcher - University of Cambridge | Public relations | Civic & social tech

Richard J Dent

PhD Researcher: University of Cambridge | Public relations | Civic & social tech


I’ve spent over ten years working as a consultant for media companies, NGOs, celebrities and individuals. I primarily help them realise their passions for social activism and civic engagement. I offer three key services:

  • Create compelling social marketing campaigns that inspire people to take action of a variety of pro-social and civic issues.
  • Ensure that the latest academic research plays a leading role in the construction and design of public relations campaigns.
  • Help develop new technologies, especially social tech, in order to empower people to improve their lives. 

Post-PhD plans
After my PhD in 2020 I will be looking to apply my research findings in the following areas:

• Virtual assistants and companions
• Helping social networking sites reach refugees and disaster victims.
• Governance and moderation of large scale online social environments using pro-social artificial intelligence.
• Policy advice on digital inclusion in developed and developing countries.
• Safer and more immersive multiplayer gaming in standard and virtual worlds.

You can read more about my previous work in my CV here.