Communications, social tech and environmental consultant

I primarily seel to help my clients realise their passion for social activism and civic engagement. I offer three key services:

1. Create compelling communication and public relations campaigns that inspire people to take action of a variety of pro-social and civic issues. This includes high level communications strategy down to creating social media campaigns. I am currently focused on environmental causes.
2. Ensure that the latest academic research plays a leading role in my work. I work with an evidence-based methodology.
3. Help develop new technologies, especially social tech platforms in order to empower people to improve their lives and communities. I recently started a new project to develop new leadership climate change and ecological issues:

Read more on my CV and see my profile at the Centre for Science & Policy.

Current plans
During and after my PhD in 2020 I will be applying my research findings in the following areas:
• Large scale volunteering online plaforms including  a bespoke petition platform.

• Helping create solutions for better online communication and education on moderating social media platforms. 

• Policy advice on science and evidence based policy making, focusing on digital inclusions in developed and developing countries.