Public relations, social tech and policy consultant

I’ve spent over ten years working as a consultant for media companies, NGOs, celebrities and individuals. I primarily help them realise their passions for social activism and civic engagement. Recently I have started helping social technology development.  I offer three key services:

1. Create compelling public relations campaigns that inspire people to take action of a variety of pro-social and civic issues.
2. Ensure that the latest academic research plays a leading role in policy; both in the political and private sector.
3. Help develop new technologies, especially social tech such as virtual assistants, in order to empower people to improve their lives. 

Read more on my CV and see my profile at the Centre for Science & Policy.

Current plans

During and after my PhD in 2020 I will be applying my research findings in the following areas:

• Virtual assistants and virtual companion development.
Governance and moderation of large scale online social environments using pro-social artificial intelligence.

• Policy advice on science and evidence based policy making, focusing on digital inclusion in developed and developing countries.