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Improbable’s new virtual worlds will need new social boundaries to thrive. Can pro-social AI offer a solution?

Part of my PhD research has exposed a need for effective moderation in social environments online. This article explores how one company called Improbable could benefit from pro-social AI’s to help moderate the huge multiplayer world’s they are creating. Improbable’s second round of funding gives them the opportunity to break down the technical barrier to […]

A tyranny of algorithms

Originally published on University of Cambridge Sociology website: Who regulates the algorithms that influence our experience online? That is the question Joss Hands, a lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University conducting research into media and critical theory, asked the Researching (with) Social Media reading group in November 2014. Algorithms analyse much of what we do […]

The campaign to help Jimmy Thoronka shows the internet’s power for good

Originally printed in The Guardian on 10th March, 2015: Last Friday afternoon I was writing my PhD first year report. I was on a deadline and still had a chapter to write. I’m researching how social networks and crowdsourcing can help people in poverty and crisis. I took a break to read the news […]