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If Siri or Alexa were real people, would you invite them to your dinner party?

Original post here: As part of our ‘Summer Learning Series’, we’ve chosen to feature this guest post from Richard Dent, PhD Candidate at Cambridge University, focusing on AI Assistants and their place in our homes and society more generally. RE•WORK encourages emerging talent in the field to join the global summits, and this September we’re offering a […]

Improbable’s new virtual worlds will need new social boundaries to thrive. Can pro-social AI offer a solution?

Part of my PhD research has exposed a need for effective moderation in social environments online. This article explores how one company called Improbable could benefit from pro-social AI’s to help moderate the huge multiplayer world’s they are creating. Improbable’s second round of funding gives them the opportunity to break down the technical barrier to […]

A tyranny of algorithms

Originally published on University of Cambridge Sociology website: Who regulates the algorithms that influence our experience online? That is the question Joss Hands, a lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University conducting research into media and critical theory, asked the Researching (with) Social Media reading group in November 2014. Algorithms analyse much of what we do […]

The campaign to help Jimmy Thoronka shows the internet’s power for good

Originally printed in The Guardian on 10th March, 2015: Last Friday afternoon I was writing my PhD first year report. I was on a deadline and still had a chapter to write. I’m researching how social networks and crowdsourcing can help people in poverty and crisis. I took a break to read the news […]