About Me

I’m a London based PhD researcher and public relations & civic technology consultant. Previous clients include European Commission, Leonardo DiCaprio’s The 11th Hour project, James Cameron’s Avatar Alliance Foundation, TckTckTck climate change NGO, Ninja Tune Records, BBC World Service, Lily Cole’s Impossible app. To learn more about my consultant work click here.

In addition to my PhD research I am involved with the University of Cambridge Centre for Science and Policy (CSAP). I offer informal policy advise to civil servants, social entrepreneurs and NGOs. My areas of expertise include digital tools for social and community development, public relations, post-disaster digital technologies, digital tools for refugees. Read more about my work at the Centre for Science and Policy website.

Current projects

Founder & Director – TransitionLab.earth                                                                                         
Transitionlab.earth, London.
Transitionlab.earth was born from an open letter I wrote calling on UK academics to lobby the university sector for more action on climate change. We received over 1,000 signatures including many high-profile UK scientists. The Lab’s purpose is to provide opportunities to the university, public and corporate sectors to engage in volunteerism, action research and internships & placements on a massive scale. Our main platform aims to match relevant expertise and volunteers with climate change mitigation and adaptation projects, bringing down the cost significantly.

Product Developer & Head of Research   
HelloHub.com, London.
HelloHub is a local community and venue chat application that aims to bring people together, enhance social connections, facilitate events, manage professional networking and more. I am helping develop the entire product in addition to being head of research. I am also contributing to the business plan and fund-raising strategy. In the age of Covid and future climate change weather events, HelloHub will be an important support tool to bring communities together.